Perinatal Counselling

Becoming a parent can be an exhilarating and challenging experience, all at the same time. For many families it is a time of increased stress, which may start in pregnancy. The reality of parenting a new baby in today’s world frequently looks very different to the idealized image portrayed in the media. For many families it is a time of increased stress. The perinatal period is known to be a time of increased vulnerability for experiencing a range of mental health difficulties.

Hettie has extensive experience and training in working with parents and their infants during the pre and postnatal period. She has worked in Parent Infant / Mother Baby Units and community Perinatal Services. Her interest ranges from supporting parents in transitioning to parenthood to assisting parents experiencing more significant distress and mental illness. She has a particular interest in facilitating optimal parent- infant relationships.

Psychological Intervention
Hettie attends to the many and varied difficulties parents might experience during the perinatal period, including:
  • Post-natal depression and anxiety
  • Ante-natal depression and anxiety
  • Transitioning to parenthood for new and
    experienced parents
  • Perinatal loss
  • Parenting and bonding issues
  • Mental Illness during the Peri-natal period and
Some experiences reported include:

“I have no reason to feel depressed”

“We waited so long to have this baby and now I don’t feel connected to her”

“I used to be so efficient and successful in everything, and now I feel I’m failing at motherhood”

“I can’t sleep, I worry about my baby all the time”

“I never knew it would be this hard ..”

“I worry that I might not be a good parent to my baby and toddler”

“I feel terrifed that this baby might have something wrong with her”

“Life is not the same since we have lost our baby..”